About us

Preference was founded in 2002. Our vision is to supply products and consulting services that assist and enable corporations and authorities to make better and more rational decisions. Our clients should both make money and save money through identifying where more information is needed, how probable different scenarios are or what the possible outcome of different options may be.

Our products and services within risk- and decision analysis are the result of more than fourteen years of research, consulting and development. Our methods are based on unique and in-house developed algorithms, which enable decision making in very complex situations where exact information is not available. The model behind the decision tool has successfully been used in different contexts such as storing of nuclear waste, choice of computer systems, company acquisitions and the making of insurance policies.

Preference possess unique competence and experience in the fields of decision making and decision support. Several of our staff have PhD’s in computer science and mathematics as well as long experience from leading major projects and consulting within risk- and decision analysis for large corporations such as Telia, SCA, and Ericsson.

Preference is a member of the increase! network.