Some of our previous assignments

  • Spotify

    Implementation of Business Data Warehouse

  • Skanska

    Implementation of decision models and educationž

  • Swedish Transport Administration

    Decision analysis tool

  • Scandic Hotels

    Decision support system audit

  • Intrum Justitia

    Decision support system project management

  • Municipality of Örebro, Sweden

    Analysis of water quality measures

  • Municipality of Nacka, Sweden

    Decision analysis regarding infrastructure

  • SCA Packaging Research

    Risk factor classification

  • Banverket

    Choice of supplier of signaling equipment

  • Telia

    Model for risk management regarding evaluation of cost- and accessibility in cases of unplanned traffic interruptions

  • Ericsson Network Technologies

    Analysis of forecasts and production planning

  • IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

  • Vattenfall

    Implementation of decision models and education

  • Ericsson

    Implementation of Preference Business Risk Frame in a mission critical system

  • City of Stockholm

    Decision process management and decision analysis

  • Smurfit Kappa

    Investment decision analysis

  • Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (UN)

    Decision model for land mine clearance activities

  • Sundsvall Energi

    Analysis of risk premiums in the district heating market

  • Hungarian Academy of Science

    Choice of national insurance strategies and policies for compensation of flood disasters

  • Volvo

    Security analysis of digital control systems

  • Socialstyrelsen

    Choice of effective forms of orthopedic treatment

  • Fischer Partners Fondkommission AB

    Company acquisition

  • SKI

    Review and improvement of investigations concerning costs and planning for the phasing out of nuclear power in Sweden