The business idea of Preference is to be a major provider of tools and consulting services within risk and decision analysis. We want to introduce decision making beyond PowerPoint and Excel, introducing computer based tools describing the decision context together with the ability to analyze and adjust parameters in order to clearly identify the effects of this.

The groundbreaking research behind Preference products enables a capability of handling uncertain parameters in the decision process as well as handling situations where all decision parameters are not known. There is also no need to extract numerically precise data to evaluate a decision problem; instead basic estimates are often sufficient and if not, this is highlighted. This often leads to substantial savings, due to increased decision quality and time efficiency.

The algorithms and their use within risk and decision analysis are subject of an approved US Patent No. 11/145229 owned by Preference. The software suit contains an implementation of these decision algorithms in different ways, addressing specific needs, and is proprietary to Preference.