Preference Business  Risk Library (PBRL)

The Preference Business Risk Frame (PBRF) for operational risk analysis, risk quantification, and evaluation of mitigation strategies:
  • —Project risk evaluation
  • Opportunity risk evaluation
  • Assess risk costs in relation to existing business KPIs
  • Identify most efficient mitigation plans
  • Identify critical risk factors
  • Frame the risk by thresholds
  • Calculates a “Risk Cost” as can be aggregated at selected levels; Project, Customer, Area, Country, etc.

PBRF allows interval valued estimates of probabilities, risks, and consequence values
PBFR allows rankings of likelihoods, consequences, and objective importance as well as identifying the best option
PBRF Contains state-of-the-art algorithms for aggregating and evaluating a large number of risks

Benefits of PBRF

  • Acknowledges that risk includes both estimates of risk cost and estimates of probability of risk to occur
  • Can associate risks with mitigations
  • Can identify efficient mitigations based on their cost and effect
  • Can identify risks that contribute the most to the overall risk
  • Mitigations can have impact on risk cost, risk probability, or both
  • Can associate risks with different organisational or business units
  • Can aggregate a large number (thousands) of risks and mitigations
  • Well-defined probabilistic risk thresholds can be used to frame overall risk

Preference Risk Preference Library is an object-oriented library .NET modern computer-based risk analysis designed as a server side package able to handle large volumes of transaction