Project management support Business Intelligence (BI)

It is a well-known fact that far from all BI projects reach their goals. According to Gartner Group, more than half fail. On the other hand, well-functioning BI be fantastically useful and profitable, but it is important a BI project get the right start

  •  Have the right funding
  • Is controlled by a methodology adapted to BI, which is different from other IT projects
  • As it normally is a moving target it must rapidly become the subject of vigorous corrective action if problems arise

Before the project

It is important that we ensure that the project is based on the business requirements and aims to improve information required by the operations. BI projects are not technology projects, and the formulation of objectives and project management will be characterized hereof. Preference employees have many years’ experience of successful BI projects, and can have a significant impact during the project initiation phase, it is then determined if the project will be successful or not.

Choosing a BI product and technology discussions is not the right way to start!

During the project

BI project is different from most other projects in some important respects. To run a Waterfall project – to eat the whole elephant at once – is extremely difficult to master in any project but a catastrophe in a BI project. Instead, an iterative project model must be applied. Another is that the main project boundary should not be schedule or project scope, the aim is to present data quality. Preference BI experts can help you to build “The Data Quality Firewall”. BI applications that are defiled with dirty data never gets management’s confidence it is just wasted resources.

 If a BI project run into problems

The sooner you contact us, lesser cost will be to get back on track. We have experienced most of the problems that BI initiatives can suffer; including runaway costs and wrecked schedules. We can act both as issuer of accurate diagnoses and adviser for the way forward.

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