Do you manage Big Data?

How rational is your business decisions?

Need a complete picture of your business risks?

With today’s large data sets it is not enough to collect data and present them in a nice way, the amount of data will make this impossible to use as a base for decisions.

Today we can handle huge volumes of data but we still need a systematic approach in order to evaluate those large volumes. If you just hand over to the systems you will most probably end up with findings as: “Avoid hospitals, that is the pace where most people die”.

You need a better plan, a well thought out decision process will give an overview which information is vital for a specific decision. An overview of business risks save big money by pointing out what needs to be addressed.

Preference has:

  • over 30 years of combined research experience in analytical decision support
  • tools and methods for rational decisions
  • excellence in terms of big data, decision-making procedures and risk management
  • market leading methods of aggregating business risks to get an overview of the company’s entire risk profile
  • experience of having helped several of Sweden’s best-known companies, both established and new hot technology companies.