Every day key people takes wrong decisions on critical issues, despite the fact that they have both the knowledge and experience required. We Decisions on Academy know how difficult it can be to decide and to make more informed decisions.

Based on many years of research we know that good analysis and good decision-makers are not a guarantee of good decisions but adding a well suited decision process will increase the accuracy and quality of decisions dramatically. With our help, you can learn to create good procedures to safely and quickly make informed and targeted decisions, both by yourself and in cooperation with others.

First you need to learn to understand how a decision making process works and then create routines to concentrate on the important criteria’s and ignoring what is irrelevant.

Why not let a BI system do the job?

A good BI systems can certainly help to improve the control and monitoring of the company’s decision. But just as the world’s best camera makes you a good photographer, it is a technical system is not a given solution to this problem. Often lacking both time and knowledge to be able to benefit from it in practice.

Learn structured decision making Our courses presents methods and processes that work in your organization and everyday life. You will learn, among other things:

  • The components of a structured decision work
  • Methods to improve decision making
  • What are the factors that primarily affect the company’s decision competence
  • How a structured approach to major decisions can become part of the corporate culture

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